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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Today, there are over 450 substances commonly used in the contemporary practice of Chinese medicine. These herbs each have particular flavours and properites which make them effective in treating specific health conditions. A combination of herbs will be included in a herbal formula to not only treat disease, but also address the underlying causes or tonify body's general health. 


In our clinic we mostly use plant based herbs with a small number of non-endangered animal products. If you do not want any animal products in your prescription please let your practitioner know and a substitute plant herb will be used instead.


The herbal medicines prescribed at our clinic have been processed, prepared and granulated to the highest standard to ensure safety and quality. The herbs are convenient and easier to take compared to raw herbs where extensive cooking is required.


Herbal medicine may also be appiled externally for skin conditions, if required your practitioner will instruct you on how to use and apply the herbs for maximum effect.


Both granule / powder herbs and pills are availble.


Chinese herbs can be safely taken with most pharmaceutical drugs, however some interactions can occur so it is important that any medications are mentioned during the consultation.


If you have any questions about how Chinese herbal medicine can help you, please feel free to contact Dr. Yoon

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