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Gua Sha (Spooning)

Gua Sha is a traditional treatment from East Asian medicine in which the skin is scraped to release toxins and promote blood flow to injured areas. Gua Sha is also known as scraping, spooning, or coining terms which came about from the tool used to perform the treatment.  


Gua Sha is similar to cupping but it is done with repeated strokes over lubricated skin by an instrument with a smooth edge. The edge is pressed firmly down the muscles or along the acupuncture meridians. After the skin is scraped it results in redness or bruising that typically goes away in a couple of days. Though the process of gua sha can be uncomfortable, the resulting redness or bruising is not painful and this releases muscle tension, heat and pathogens from the body.


These therapies are very good at relieving the symptoms of colds and flu, muscular aches and pain, stimulating Qi and Blood flow into the area.



If you have any questions about how gua sha can help you, please feel free to contact Dr. Yoon

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